Monday, September 1, 2008

A little help please?

Hello Mistress K,

Was wondering if you or any of the girls could recommend a toy for me. Direct, Intense, Clitoral Stimulation is a must. Money is no object, I have had problems with the cheaper toys in the past, so i'm willing to spend more on a really good toy that will last.

Thank you


C said...

If you want to use the man as well..

this isnt too bad....

..although I believe men seem to like it more than women sometimes, LOL

And dont waste your money on this...

My old faithful.....

Or..just buy a really amazing shower head with LOTS and LOTS of settings..

Kinks said...

Ohhh, I recommend a rabbit. Go to adam and eve online and type rabbit into the search box. There's different kinds for different prices. I especially like the 16 in 1 super rabbit and the rotating g-spot rabbit. Both have little rabbit ears to tickle you just where you like it most! You can't go wrong. Just promise to come back and tell us what you got! I think there's a short in the wires of my silver bullet vibe. It has to be in position just so to work. How crappy is that to be having a good time and then all of a sudden the old vibe goes dead. CRAPPY I tell you, that's how it is! Let's start reviewing sex toys and maybe some company will send us some!

Mistress K said...

I must say I have never been able to really get off with a shower head. I've tried, but there is something about it that just doesn't work for me.

I DO, on the other hand, LOOOOVE love LOVE my rabbit. In fact, I have 3 :) I have purple, pink and silver. You can use it purely externally if you need direct clitoral stimulation... but I like the full effect!

We have also tried the cock ring with the bullet, which is inserted... but it is hit or miss. Sometimes if I am good and hot already it does the trick in minutes, if not a good ol' fashioned licking is all that does.

I really hope you find something!! Comment here (anonymously if need be) and tell us what you've tried.

Raksha said...

This comes highly recommended:

I have yet to get one myself. I am thinking it would be a lovely Christmas present for a naughty girl.