Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things are looking LIMP

It looks as if we need to revive this cocktease we have going on here. Is no one out there quite as horny as we used to be? Or have you been too busy doing instead of typing? Come on girls, tantalize me, tickle me, tease me.

Do you have a new toy? Human or otherwise?
Are there any tricks you've learned and want to share?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

So sex has been limited in this household for quite a while. The last time was January 10th. Yes, three whole months ago. We've both had excuses (he actually used "I'm fat" on me); most of which have been the kids. We also have opposite schedules, so when he is asleep I am awake and vice versa.

Let me just tell you, we have both been cranky--very, very, very cranky!

So last night we had the time and opportunity (and appropriate amounts of liquor). Three hours of uninhibited, mind-blowing, multiple-orgasaming, SEX. I would say it was worth the wait. We were both starving for each other. Although I wouldn't mind a few snacks here and there, considering a seven course, 5 hour meal can only be tolerated so often.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little challenge

I know I am not the only one who has been stuck in something of a sexual rut recently. By rut I mean, it has been few and far between. I know my husband and I are equally horny and frustrated. We talk about it often enough, but rarely want to act on it at the same time. The challenge recently has been making the time for each other. We don't keep the same schedule by any means. I am a night person, often staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Sometimes he is getting up when I go to bed and that doesn't always create the best circumstances. So my challenge for myself, and you, is to make sex a priority at least twice this week (and if you're already getting it more than that, do share). I think I am going to start with a sexy handwritten note describing a few things I want to do, left on the bathroom counter. Maybe I will slip it in his wallet, but I don't want it to be forever before he finds it.

Do you have any secrets or tips to share? What works to get him in the sack ASAP?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coitus interruptus

It has been quite a while since we've been here, so I hope most of you have been busy and will have something to contribute. As for us, we've been well, interrupted.

Sex has been an adventure in more ways than one recently. Every, and I kid you not, every time we've had sex in the last 3 months something, or someone has interrupted. This doesn't necessarily make for great sex. It has, however, necessitated quickies. We are becoming masters of the mid-afternoon, 10 minute session. Most recently we were on a drive in the desert, little people passed out in their seats. We slipped out and went at it on the tailgate of the truck. It was hot, really hot. It was spur of the moment, with the risk of getting caught by anyone who ambled our way... or happened to have a pair of binoculars. We were still mostly clothed but I loved every minute of it. We got back in the truck, cranked up the air and continued on our way.

So, what are some of your favorite quickies?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Yes ma'am here I am. After a long hiatus!! I've been awfully naughty too. So, who wants to play?

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok, what girl hasn't occasionally watched porn? I will admit to being obsessed with it for sometime in my late teens. I would even rewind the VHS to the exact second before my boyfriend got home so he wouldn't know I was watching way more than he was (at that point I was trying to maintain a good girl image).

I prefer the kinds with the story line, like boy meets girl... boy likes girl... girl plays hard to get... boy sleeps with girls' best friend... and then they have a hot threesome. I don't particularly care for the all out fuckfests that I see more often than not. Sure, they are good for learning purposes, but they just don't get me off. Does anyone have a go-to when they need a little help? This is one of my favorites: assangels3 ... and boy do I have a thing for Evan Stone!!! There is a scene where he is a gladiator and it just gets me hot... really hot. I don't care for anal, but on film I can almost convince myself I'd like it if I just let go a little.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Public Service

Yes, my civic duties! Nah, I am not talking about voting (although I plan to DO that as well). I am talking about servicing in public. I know we've all at least fantasized about it... I myself do it as often as possible. We screw in the car, on the lawn, in the bushes, on a loading dock, in a bathroom (eww, yeah... but it was great). My partner and I looooove to be outdoors in the woods, on the balcony, wherever we can. Beds are oh-so blase dontcha know?

What is it about being somewhere you can get caught? It is certainly titillating, but there is something else. You're in it together, you'll both GO DOWN for your crimes. I know that I am not thinking too clearly when my panties are in the petunias and my legs are wrapped tightly about his hips. I wouldn't notice if an M80 was exploding 10 feet from me at certain points, much less someone catching a peek. We broke a chair on the back porch once because I got a little carried away. The neighbors came to see what the BANG was all about and got an eye full of boobies. Not to mention the heart attack we may have caused at the retirement community directly behind our building. We've stopped in the desert on the way home from the bar, under the stars next to a busy road... we've hiked to the top of a mountain in the rain... we have been on the football field of the local high school and in the parking lot of a country club. I just can't stop myself. If we have enough space and enough time I will have him naked in 3 seconds flat.

So where have you gone exploring and what is your ultimate public fantasy?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In my dreams.

Is it me or do all you dirty girls fantasize about someone other than your spouse? I know we all do it, but is that a bad sign?

My typical fantasy usually involves some random faceless guy and maybe a girl or two. It's rough and dirty and although my man would probably love to do all those things, he is unaware of my dirty little secrets. Somehow it just seems more exciting to imagine fucking a total stranger; get in, get off, and get out!

Problem is, is that if I were single...some of these things might becum a reality. Any comments?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

To clean...or not too clean??

Maybe this should be a question for the boys. See I have a little problem ( it kinda follows Mistress K's last post)...I am COMPLETELY obsessed with keeping my hidden treasure clean! I mean, of course I bathe daily, sometimes twice...however, I won't let ANYBODY get close to it unless it has had a proper scrubbing. This could even be an hour after a shower and includes an abnormal amount of soap, lotion in the shrubs, and body spray all over.

After party Bad Kitty delight in the car...FORGET IT! No place to clean it. Seriously! Now I cannot honestly say where this comes from. There hasn't been anything traumatic happen that lead to someone saying it didn't smell good. I can't imagine being a guy though and going down for some warm apple pie and smelling a water treatment plant! Ewwwww.

N e e d h e l p!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's a map...

OK so we have discussed the art of the blow job. Now what about you? I am sure almost everyone reading here has seen the American Pie movie at one point or another. Do you remember when Kevin finds the "holy grail", a book passed down through various teenage boy about the correct way to perform cunnilingus? Well let's pretend an actual woman wrote that book. What works for you?

I am a slow and steady type. I like a soft constant licking, it may take me a few more minutes but the payoff is always SO much better. I don't like to be bitten, poked, prodded (with some exception) or slapped. My clit is very sensitive and over-stimulation becomes so painful. I get to the point I want to scream and slap him! Once I've come, I don't want any more touching! I want to move on to bigger and better things.

Now I have someone who takes direction well, someone who is always more concerned about how I feel than his eventual payoff (although if he does things right he'll be handsomely rewarded). In the past there have been those who get defensive, those who don't realize not every woman is the same in bed. Sure we all have essentially the same parts, but they don't all respond to the same stimuli. It would be like assuming that someone from Morocco can understand Sudanese without a translator.

Now if you could create your own little road map, what directions would you give? A little to the left, just up that hill... now park and let the motor run would ya?