Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok, what girl hasn't occasionally watched porn? I will admit to being obsessed with it for sometime in my late teens. I would even rewind the VHS to the exact second before my boyfriend got home so he wouldn't know I was watching way more than he was (at that point I was trying to maintain a good girl image).

I prefer the kinds with the story line, like boy meets girl... boy likes girl... girl plays hard to get... boy sleeps with girls' best friend... and then they have a hot threesome. I don't particularly care for the all out fuckfests that I see more often than not. Sure, they are good for learning purposes, but they just don't get me off. Does anyone have a go-to when they need a little help? This is one of my favorites: assangels3 ... and boy do I have a thing for Evan Stone!!! There is a scene where he is a gladiator and it just gets me hot... really hot. I don't care for anal, but on film I can almost convince myself I'd like it if I just let go a little.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Public Service

Yes, my civic duties! Nah, I am not talking about voting (although I plan to DO that as well). I am talking about servicing in public. I know we've all at least fantasized about it... I myself do it as often as possible. We screw in the car, on the lawn, in the bushes, on a loading dock, in a bathroom (eww, yeah... but it was great). My partner and I looooove to be outdoors in the woods, on the balcony, wherever we can. Beds are oh-so blase dontcha know?

What is it about being somewhere you can get caught? It is certainly titillating, but there is something else. You're in it together, you'll both GO DOWN for your crimes. I know that I am not thinking too clearly when my panties are in the petunias and my legs are wrapped tightly about his hips. I wouldn't notice if an M80 was exploding 10 feet from me at certain points, much less someone catching a peek. We broke a chair on the back porch once because I got a little carried away. The neighbors came to see what the BANG was all about and got an eye full of boobies. Not to mention the heart attack we may have caused at the retirement community directly behind our building. We've stopped in the desert on the way home from the bar, under the stars next to a busy road... we've hiked to the top of a mountain in the rain... we have been on the football field of the local high school and in the parking lot of a country club. I just can't stop myself. If we have enough space and enough time I will have him naked in 3 seconds flat.

So where have you gone exploring and what is your ultimate public fantasy?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In my dreams.

Is it me or do all you dirty girls fantasize about someone other than your spouse? I know we all do it, but is that a bad sign?

My typical fantasy usually involves some random faceless guy and maybe a girl or two. It's rough and dirty and although my man would probably love to do all those things, he is unaware of my dirty little secrets. Somehow it just seems more exciting to imagine fucking a total stranger; get in, get off, and get out!

Problem is, is that if I were single...some of these things might becum a reality. Any comments?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

To clean...or not too clean??

Maybe this should be a question for the boys. See I have a little problem ( it kinda follows Mistress K's last post)...I am COMPLETELY obsessed with keeping my hidden treasure clean! I mean, of course I bathe daily, sometimes twice...however, I won't let ANYBODY get close to it unless it has had a proper scrubbing. This could even be an hour after a shower and includes an abnormal amount of soap, lotion in the shrubs, and body spray all over.

After party Bad Kitty delight in the car...FORGET IT! No place to clean it. Seriously! Now I cannot honestly say where this comes from. There hasn't been anything traumatic happen that lead to someone saying it didn't smell good. I can't imagine being a guy though and going down for some warm apple pie and smelling a water treatment plant! Ewwwww.

N e e d h e l p!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's a map...

OK so we have discussed the art of the blow job. Now what about you? I am sure almost everyone reading here has seen the American Pie movie at one point or another. Do you remember when Kevin finds the "holy grail", a book passed down through various teenage boy about the correct way to perform cunnilingus? Well let's pretend an actual woman wrote that book. What works for you?

I am a slow and steady type. I like a soft constant licking, it may take me a few more minutes but the payoff is always SO much better. I don't like to be bitten, poked, prodded (with some exception) or slapped. My clit is very sensitive and over-stimulation becomes so painful. I get to the point I want to scream and slap him! Once I've come, I don't want any more touching! I want to move on to bigger and better things.

Now I have someone who takes direction well, someone who is always more concerned about how I feel than his eventual payoff (although if he does things right he'll be handsomely rewarded). In the past there have been those who get defensive, those who don't realize not every woman is the same in bed. Sure we all have essentially the same parts, but they don't all respond to the same stimuli. It would be like assuming that someone from Morocco can understand Sudanese without a translator.

Now if you could create your own little road map, what directions would you give? A little to the left, just up that hill... now park and let the motor run would ya?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I hope you're all getting more action than I am... things sure have been slow around here recently.
So tell me, is there anything that just turns your switch right to off? What if he lets one rip right as he is going in for the kill? A sweat bead that drips right off into the small of your back (one too many times)? Those are a few that are usually mood killers... although it has been months now for me (we live 600 miles apart at the moment) and I am so desperate he could do just about anything and I would still feel like raping him.
In past relationships there have been times that I just wasn't that into it and anything could set me off. It could be a zit on the side of his neck that made me want to run. An ingrown hair on his thigh that made me gag (since some were so small they couldn't gag a fly). Yeah so what, women can be so shallow. We're always so concerned about being properly groomed (hairless, landing strip, silly shapes) and soft and clean but men certainly don't seem to give a crap half the time. You could serve it up Cruella DeVille style (half white, half black) and they wouldn't notice unless you said something like "so how does it look". He'd probably still blow it off as long as he feels all nice and cozy. There is just something about the feel of a woman they can't get enough of...
What turns you off?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Role reversal

No, I am not talking about role play here... but reversal of traditional sexual roles.

Since when have men become the ones to have headaches and feel "too fat" to have sex? How many times has your partner turned you down because he is not in the mood? The more women I talk to the more I see this as a modern trend. Women who are more sexual than thier men. Maybe it is a new revolution of sorts. Maybe the freedom we have to be naughty is proving who the sexual beasts really are! I am SO not that 1950's goody-goody housewife.

ME?? I want to do it all the time. I think about it all the time. I dream about it all the time! I will roll over in the middle of the night and want to jump on and ride him into tomorrow. Of course if I try there are times I hear "but babe, I am too tired". GET OVER IT!!

So, how do you get them past this little hang up? Well... personally, I will usually start off with a blow job. Nothing wakes a man up in a better mood than a hot, wet mouth on his cock. It works 99% of the time but I am always up for some more tricks.

Share... do you have a partner that is always in the mood? Do you have a trick to coax him into doing what you want when he isn't as ready as you are?

Monday, September 1, 2008

A little help please?

Hello Mistress K,

Was wondering if you or any of the girls could recommend a toy for me. Direct, Intense, Clitoral Stimulation is a must. Money is no object, I have had problems with the cheaper toys in the past, so i'm willing to spend more on a really good toy that will last.

Thank you

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Idea for the week: FETISHES

What kind of kink turns you on? Is it something small, like a little whip? Is it leather and latex? What is your kinkiest fetish experience? Remember girls, you can post anonymously in the comment section (if you feel too freaky to attach your "name" to it).

Let's hear it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

movie sex

After a night like I had last night I just had to make this post. Have you ever had the kind of sex made for movies? I love to be a dirty girl and Love dirty, rough sex, I have had sex that made me scream so loud the neighbors knocked on the door to make sure I was OK. But there is something to say about movie sex. when I say movie sex I mean slow passionate sex that keeps you on the verge of losing control for hours. the kind that involves touching, stroking, rubbing and kissing every square inch of your partners body, there is something about starring into your lovers eyes as you reach orgasm together. I have actually cried during sex because it becomes so intense that for those 3-4 hours there is no one in the world but you and your lover.

So dirty girls, tell me about the stories of passion that I know we all have.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Porn and a pool table.

I dated this guy once (it was really about the sex) who mentioned that he had never gone into a store to purchase porn....ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Anywho, it was on.

We finished dinner and went straight to the closest porn store I could find. NO man/woman should ever be without a porn video. I found something ronchy and a picked up a lacy outfit ASAP so we could go home and do the dirty dirty...on the pool table!

I teased...he was like we were having some affair and the only thing we had time for was an hours worth of HOT sex! Monumental I say!

Dirty Thoughts...

So what do you double click your mouse to? What kind of fantasy makes your toes curl?

OMG, playing nice little wifey gets soooo monotonous doesn't it? Sometimes I just love to dip into the goody bag to be a naughty girl and imagine myself as this whole other person entirely. Boots, lace, thong...the whole thing.

I always have this hot little fantasy of doing it in the backseat while someone else is driving....or fu*king the boss on his desk.

Some input ladies???

...and another one joins us...

An anonymous email came across my desk this afternoon, I think I shall call this author "Luscious Lady L".

Since everyone is sharing about their first self experience I will share mine as well.When I was about 9 or so I was being quite the nosey thing and was going through my older brothers room.No one was home but my dad and he was sleeping so I was bored.I happened to come across his playboys and opened up for a little peek.All I can remember was thinking "Wow these ladies are so gorgeous".I couldn't stop looking.It was the first time I felt a "tingle" between my legs.Weird I thought to myself. I continued to grow up in a very religious home and never spoke of what I found to ANYONE.Because sex before marriage was just "Wrong"..I remember playing hosue with other little girls and it always entailed small kisses and such.I always felt it was wrong but did it anyway..Around 10 I was playing with the shower head in the shower.Putting it on rain and then stream.Playing like I always had and BAM it hit JUST the right spot.I couldn't bring myself to move it.The warm water and hard stream felt TOO good. I experienced my first orgasm at 10..I was addicted lol..I was still a virgin til I was 19..My household drilled it into me that it was wrong to have sex with just "anyone"..I also felt my attraction to women was wrong but I still felt it..At 19 I met someone.Someone just as curious for adventure and exploration of sexual things as I was..he opened me up.Let me be me.helped me let ALL my fantasies run wild.Showed me that it is NOT wrong to be a sexual creature..Sex with him was AMAZING..always intense,different and hot.he helped me embrace my attraction for women and let me see that it didn't make me a "lesbian" or different..I was introduced to the world of bondage,foot play,anal,voyeurism,swinging,..We ended up married lol..Later divorced and I thought I would NEVER find sex like that again but I promised myself to never go sexually starved ever again in my life!

So there is still hope for us dirty, naughty little things isn't there Lady L?

HE did it...

... to a song from Titanic... how romantic, ha.

No seriously though, I was remembering the first time a MAN gave me an orgasm (we'll discuss the first time a woman did it later). We were on my grandparents' couch watching a movie (no I don't remember what it was) and we were snuggling under the covers. Somehow his hand ended up in my pants and damn was it magical. I knew I could get myself to feel that good, but once I knew there were others capable it was on. Unfortunately we never "sealed the deal" and I am sure he would have been amazing. He was one of those fairy tale boyfriends. He always said the right thing and did the right thing.

Unfortunately (or not so much) I went another route to get to where I am now. Experimenting with a few people may have had more benefit than being completely free with only one. At least I knew that a man could appreciate me for more than pussy, but that if it was all I wanted him to appreciate... it's my prerogative.

-Mistress K

Let the Music Set the Mood

Perhaps it's only me but I am a huge music girl myself. I really am effected by the music I listen to. That might be why I love music that tells a story or makes me feel something. Earlier today while in my car I was listening to a CD I had burned of some rock music and the song "Closer" By Nine Inch Nails came on. Now if you have never heard this song, you must listen to it. It's quite primal and yummy. But anyway.. it got me thinking about music and sex (I know big shocker there). And so I was wondering.. what songs about sex do YOU like. Can be love songs that just put you in the mood or something more erotic would love some new songs to add to my IPod.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Introducing Moan-A

So let me introduce myself first off.. I shall post by the name Moan-A for I am no Lady and Nobody's Mistress, and yes Moan-A conjures up all sorts of wonderful and beautiful images. So onward we go....

On the topic of orgasms compared to the other two beautiful women who have posted before me, I suppose I was a late bloomer. I did not have my first real one of my own accord and not until I was 18 years old (I have since made up for this numerous times over). I believe that alot of that had to do with my past experience as a child and misfortunes with which I won't get into at this time. But at 18 years old I found myself in the hands of (and at the mercy of) a more experienced and much more skilled person than I have ever been with (No it wasn't Mistress K). Although I had been with my fair share of people before this point I had never acheived an orgasm. I didn't know that at the time because being with these other individuals still felt good, just not the "earth shattering, toe curling, rock you to the core" kind of feel good.

But yet here I found myself with this other individual in what I can only explain as the single most passionate experience of my life. It was on that night that I found out that you could feel love,anger,happiness, sadness,all wrapped into one ball of energy. I discovered all that sex had never been and knew that I had to have more... and more I had. And more experiences and more ways and more adventures than most people will ever have in their lives... and it's made me who I am today. And if you keep reading.. you shall learn more about the adventures I have been on. Stay tuned


Introducing Lady XXX

Let me introduce a new dirty girl, with her very first ENTRY (wink):

Well all this talk about orgasms has made me want to chime in with one of my many experiences. I will start out by introducing myself as "Lady XXX"..I guess as a woman in my late 20's maybe "lady" isn't quite appropriate but we shall stick with that for now.
After reading Mistress K's entry about her first big "O" it started to bring back many memories and a smile to my face! I am very in touch with my body..and I mean that literally. I will be the first to admit to having some sort of an obsession with my clit. I find it so amazing that the human body contains an organ that can actually give you the high that only you could find from an ecstasy pill.
My first sexual experience with "myself" happened by accident. I was maybe 10 or so and was sitting in the bathtub, I know 10 seems a bit young but when you had to deal with sexual abuse as a little child, 10 is actually not that young. I started pouring water from a cup onto my body to clean off. It just happened to be perfect timing because as I poured the water down my body I started to get a tickle sensation in between my legs. Long story short, I realized that I had struck gold and will have to admit I am a big fan of steady shower heads even to this day!
As for being with took awhile. I had a hard time relaxing but as I got older and more experienced, I found new ways of obtaining my "high"! There's nothing that the feeling of reaching that top only to have your partner inject one of his fingers in your ass as you reach the top. I have also found many other unique ways to reach my goal. I would absolutely say I am obsessed with masturbating and feel sad for those who do not agree with giving themselves pleasure, hey got to get it somehow right?

So now, who else wants to share?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What was THAT??

Do you remember the first time you had an orgasm? Hopefully in most cases it was self-inflicted. Some women feel so ashamed to touch themselves. I find this sad, a very disturbing trend in younger girls these days.

I stumbled upon a video (well, I was digging around in moms' drawer looking at a pair of panties with a whistle on them) and popped it into the VCR when I was about 12. I remember a shower scene (Pandora's Mirror) and wondering what in the hell that lady was doing. SO I tried it, naturally! Well... nothing really happened. Then I remembered what I had been told for so long. If at first you don't succeed... well, eventually I did. It was one of those moments you never forget. I have sought that pleasure on my own and with others since. The more experience I've gained, the more confidence I've felt with each partner. So how confident am I? Well then...

I've never had a one time deal, ever. At first it was a guy with the mindset of "holy shit I'm getting some ass". It then progressed to "holy shit, she's doing things other girls don't do". (I can say I've had more than a few stalkers, which is flattering and scary). I always tease, I always leave them wanting more... even now in my marriage, I can get him to do anything if I promise a few favors.

The first time you let him use your stiletto heels as handles, you'll have a new shoe budget.

The first time you sashay out in thigh high stockings, a garter belt and a bustier, he'll pant.

Now some guys SAY they aren't into lingerie... well, usually they just haven't been properly introduced. Show up at the doorstep or walk into his office or even answer the door looking like a vixen and he just might change his mind...

So, what do YOU think is sexy on you?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Welcome to the Diaries of a Dirty girl. I shall call myself Mistress K... not to be mysterious (and yes it is a little corny), but because I am out here in the open, it adds to the persona. That is half the fun of being a dirty girl. You can be Betty fucking Crocker in the kitchen... but you can be someone else entirely in the bedroom. If you have the right partner and the confidence to pull it off, the sky is the limit. If you don't, then you've come to the right place.

I too once knew only vanilla sex. Sure I'd given head (bleh, who came up with that name? Better than cunnilingus I suppose) and I'd received my fair amount of licks. BUT where was the passion? Where was that earth shattering, moan inducing, toe curling, eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-my-head orgasm? Well, it was years in the making and now that I've been there I'll never go back.

Tricks of the trade? Well, I could teach a class. I still have plenty more to learn, but I have a very VERY willing subject. Now, let's get started...

Please be sure and take the polls that are posted. Please comment or leave stories on any post you have input on... and please, please email me your stories and questions. If it isn't something I can help on, I am sure there are more than a few readers who can. Sign it with your name or a moniker... whatever floats your boat (and they all need to be floated).

Talk soon,

Mistress K


... Well, there have been many a girl who feels a little too dirty to let it be known. Me? I have no secrets, but I have many talents. I've been asked a time or two what it is I do... well, I'll let you in on it if you share your stories too...