Friday, August 22, 2008

Let the Music Set the Mood

Perhaps it's only me but I am a huge music girl myself. I really am effected by the music I listen to. That might be why I love music that tells a story or makes me feel something. Earlier today while in my car I was listening to a CD I had burned of some rock music and the song "Closer" By Nine Inch Nails came on. Now if you have never heard this song, you must listen to it. It's quite primal and yummy. But anyway.. it got me thinking about music and sex (I know big shocker there). And so I was wondering.. what songs about sex do YOU like. Can be love songs that just put you in the mood or something more erotic would love some new songs to add to my IPod.



Diaries of a Dirty Girl said...

I know that song... and had quite an experience to it myself. Fuck me like an animal? Yes please. I only like music on occasion, mostly I want him to hear me. If I need to give some direction (throw me against the wall, fuck me from behind, spank my ass and pull my hair... you know, the works) then I don't want to yell over music.

Moan-A said...

Oh Mistress K (oh wow the memories of typing that...) I don't like the music on when I have sex either ;) however I do like listening to music before hand or just on my "off" time to get in the mood.

Raksha said...

My ex, B, and I were big fans of the entire Downward Spiral album. His housemates knew that if NIN was playing, we were fucking . . . though that was our "moderate" music. Romantic music was Mazzy Star . . . I think the name of the album is the same as the song, but it had "Fade Into You" on it. Hardcore music? Lords of Acid. I think the album was self-titled.

My first ex and I, WAY back in the day, did our making out to Def Leppard's Adrenalize album and The Eagles' Hotel California.

The DH is not so much a fan of music during sex. I miss it sometimes.