Friday, August 22, 2008

...and another one joins us...

An anonymous email came across my desk this afternoon, I think I shall call this author "Luscious Lady L".

Since everyone is sharing about their first self experience I will share mine as well.When I was about 9 or so I was being quite the nosey thing and was going through my older brothers room.No one was home but my dad and he was sleeping so I was bored.I happened to come across his playboys and opened up for a little peek.All I can remember was thinking "Wow these ladies are so gorgeous".I couldn't stop looking.It was the first time I felt a "tingle" between my legs.Weird I thought to myself. I continued to grow up in a very religious home and never spoke of what I found to ANYONE.Because sex before marriage was just "Wrong"..I remember playing hosue with other little girls and it always entailed small kisses and such.I always felt it was wrong but did it anyway..Around 10 I was playing with the shower head in the shower.Putting it on rain and then stream.Playing like I always had and BAM it hit JUST the right spot.I couldn't bring myself to move it.The warm water and hard stream felt TOO good. I experienced my first orgasm at 10..I was addicted lol..I was still a virgin til I was 19..My household drilled it into me that it was wrong to have sex with just "anyone"..I also felt my attraction to women was wrong but I still felt it..At 19 I met someone.Someone just as curious for adventure and exploration of sexual things as I was..he opened me up.Let me be me.helped me let ALL my fantasies run wild.Showed me that it is NOT wrong to be a sexual creature..Sex with him was AMAZING..always intense,different and hot.he helped me embrace my attraction for women and let me see that it didn't make me a "lesbian" or different..I was introduced to the world of bondage,foot play,anal,voyeurism,swinging,..We ended up married lol..Later divorced and I thought I would NEVER find sex like that again but I promised myself to never go sexually starved ever again in my life!

So there is still hope for us dirty, naughty little things isn't there Lady L?


McMistress said...

My husband says that bisexual women are just greedy. lol. I think it's perfectly natural to find sexual satisfaction in both sexes. Why limit yourself.

Anonymous said...

Seems your husband has never been with 2 women? haha... or maybe he felt left out if he has.

I agree that you should not limit yourself. If you are comfortable with it, then by all means!