Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What was THAT??

Do you remember the first time you had an orgasm? Hopefully in most cases it was self-inflicted. Some women feel so ashamed to touch themselves. I find this sad, a very disturbing trend in younger girls these days.

I stumbled upon a video (well, I was digging around in moms' drawer looking at a pair of panties with a whistle on them) and popped it into the VCR when I was about 12. I remember a shower scene (Pandora's Mirror) and wondering what in the hell that lady was doing. SO I tried it, naturally! Well... nothing really happened. Then I remembered what I had been told for so long. If at first you don't succeed... well, eventually I did. It was one of those moments you never forget. I have sought that pleasure on my own and with others since. The more experience I've gained, the more confidence I've felt with each partner. So how confident am I? Well then...

I've never had a one time deal, ever. At first it was a guy with the mindset of "holy shit I'm getting some ass". It then progressed to "holy shit, she's doing things other girls don't do". (I can say I've had more than a few stalkers, which is flattering and scary). I always tease, I always leave them wanting more... even now in my marriage, I can get him to do anything if I promise a few favors.

The first time you let him use your stiletto heels as handles, you'll have a new shoe budget.

The first time you sashay out in thigh high stockings, a garter belt and a bustier, he'll pant.

Now some guys SAY they aren't into lingerie... well, usually they just haven't been properly introduced. Show up at the doorstep or walk into his office or even answer the door looking like a vixen and he just might change his mind...

So, what do YOU think is sexy on you?

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