Friday, August 22, 2008

Dirty Thoughts...

So what do you double click your mouse to? What kind of fantasy makes your toes curl?

OMG, playing nice little wifey gets soooo monotonous doesn't it? Sometimes I just love to dip into the goody bag to be a naughty girl and imagine myself as this whole other person entirely. Boots, lace, thong...the whole thing.

I always have this hot little fantasy of doing it in the backseat while someone else is driving....or fu*king the boss on his desk.

Some input ladies???


Diaries of a Dirty Girl said...

I have a recurring fantasy of watching someone else give my husband a blow job. Now in reality I am not sure, but damn is it hot in the shower.

I also like the idea of being watched. Although I know it has happened since we're always out fucking in public.

Don't worry about language you bad little kitty, we've got free reign on here.


Moan-A said...

Oh yummy. I am a total exhibitionist. I love to be watched as well although I must admit I also like watching (although not watching my husband with someone else). I suppose that is why I find sex clubs so much fun. I don't have too many fantasies anymore, most of those I've made a reality now ;)

LadyXXX said...

I will say that fucking in the backseat while someone is driving is quite interesting...;-) Although I couldn't watch someone else give my husband a blowjob, video taping it is always a turn on!

Tina said...

I love the thought of my husband fucking the hell out of another woman.Holding another womans hair while she sucks him..I have done these things BUT they never loose there hotness ;)

I love to be watched and to watch..Loving screwing on my front porch or lawn.LOVE fucking in the RAIN...whew!