Thursday, August 28, 2008

movie sex

After a night like I had last night I just had to make this post. Have you ever had the kind of sex made for movies? I love to be a dirty girl and Love dirty, rough sex, I have had sex that made me scream so loud the neighbors knocked on the door to make sure I was OK. But there is something to say about movie sex. when I say movie sex I mean slow passionate sex that keeps you on the verge of losing control for hours. the kind that involves touching, stroking, rubbing and kissing every square inch of your partners body, there is something about starring into your lovers eyes as you reach orgasm together. I have actually cried during sex because it becomes so intense that for those 3-4 hours there is no one in the world but you and your lover.

So dirty girls, tell me about the stories of passion that I know we all have.


Lady XXX said...

I have had that type of erotic movie sex for sure- once with my husband after a drug induced binge night -(long long ago) and many times with a "lover". For some reason it was so erotic to make love to another woman's husband and feel passionate about it...(ducking head)just a little tidbit- she hated his guts and treated him like shit!

Bad Kitty said...

Um, yeah...have had the movie sex...cried...won't forget it! We spent hours infront of the fire place making out. That was a night for the history books that I just remind him of when all he wants is a quiky!

Kinks said...

It seems like so many of us have this kind of encounter only once, or only rarely at best. I too have had that kind of sex, but just once. It just sneaks up on you and envelopes you like a warm blanket. But why so rarely? Do you think it's us? Only willing to really let go when it catches us off gaurd? Or him, only willing to slow down and 'make love' once in a blue moon?

Mistress K said...

I myself rarely WANT that kind of sex. Sure, it is nice when he slows down for a moment... but I prefer the rough, hot, sweaty sex!

On that note, sometimes it is nice... especially when I am feeling particularly under-appreciated.

I think the rarity of it is mostly in "manly men" and that mentality. How often can you really expect them to be sensitive? lol.

Tina said...

Eh,I must say I have never had that kind of sex.Not that I can recall anyway :(
Yeah and I am on my second marriage..uh oh lol