Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In my dreams.

Is it me or do all you dirty girls fantasize about someone other than your spouse? I know we all do it, but is that a bad sign?

My typical fantasy usually involves some random faceless guy and maybe a girl or two. It's rough and dirty and although my man would probably love to do all those things, he is unaware of my dirty little secrets. Somehow it just seems more exciting to imagine fucking a total stranger; get in, get off, and get out!

Problem is, is that if I were single...some of these things might becum a reality. Any comments?


draleaf said...

now way cant i find a woman that likes blow jobs like these??!!
sigh...its been so long

Mistress K said...

Oh honey... you know it is true. Although I do not fantasize about other men WHILE having sex (maybe I'd add a girl or two THEN).