Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little challenge

I know I am not the only one who has been stuck in something of a sexual rut recently. By rut I mean, it has been few and far between. I know my husband and I are equally horny and frustrated. We talk about it often enough, but rarely want to act on it at the same time. The challenge recently has been making the time for each other. We don't keep the same schedule by any means. I am a night person, often staying up until 2 or 3 in the morning. Sometimes he is getting up when I go to bed and that doesn't always create the best circumstances. So my challenge for myself, and you, is to make sex a priority at least twice this week (and if you're already getting it more than that, do share). I think I am going to start with a sexy handwritten note describing a few things I want to do, left on the bathroom counter. Maybe I will slip it in his wallet, but I don't want it to be forever before he finds it.

Do you have any secrets or tips to share? What works to get him in the sack ASAP?

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Bad Kitty said...

There have been a few times, or rather inconveniences, that when I wanted it he wasn't even close to being in the mood. It seems the the older he gets, the less he wants it...and the older I get the MORE i want it. On a couple of occasions, rather than give him the chance to say "no", i will come out of the bedroom in a hot little outfit, sporting some sexy "sex" hair (girls you know what this is), dark eye shadow, and some skanky strappy heels. I get on the floor on my knees, unzip, put it in my mouth and when his soldier's at attention and ready for duty, I JUMP ON! No chance to ever refuse my demand!