Monday, October 20, 2008

Public Service

Yes, my civic duties! Nah, I am not talking about voting (although I plan to DO that as well). I am talking about servicing in public. I know we've all at least fantasized about it... I myself do it as often as possible. We screw in the car, on the lawn, in the bushes, on a loading dock, in a bathroom (eww, yeah... but it was great). My partner and I looooove to be outdoors in the woods, on the balcony, wherever we can. Beds are oh-so blase dontcha know?

What is it about being somewhere you can get caught? It is certainly titillating, but there is something else. You're in it together, you'll both GO DOWN for your crimes. I know that I am not thinking too clearly when my panties are in the petunias and my legs are wrapped tightly about his hips. I wouldn't notice if an M80 was exploding 10 feet from me at certain points, much less someone catching a peek. We broke a chair on the back porch once because I got a little carried away. The neighbors came to see what the BANG was all about and got an eye full of boobies. Not to mention the heart attack we may have caused at the retirement community directly behind our building. We've stopped in the desert on the way home from the bar, under the stars next to a busy road... we've hiked to the top of a mountain in the rain... we have been on the football field of the local high school and in the parking lot of a country club. I just can't stop myself. If we have enough space and enough time I will have him naked in 3 seconds flat.

So where have you gone exploring and what is your ultimate public fantasy?

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Bad Kitty said...

ME TOOOOO! Sex ANYWHERE but the bed is great for me.

In the car, on the hood, in the grass, on the dryer, counter, boat, shower, coffee table, golf course...yes all those places have been great. The more public the better. The bed is for old people who can no longer stand up!