Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here's a map...

OK so we have discussed the art of the blow job. Now what about you? I am sure almost everyone reading here has seen the American Pie movie at one point or another. Do you remember when Kevin finds the "holy grail", a book passed down through various teenage boy about the correct way to perform cunnilingus? Well let's pretend an actual woman wrote that book. What works for you?

I am a slow and steady type. I like a soft constant licking, it may take me a few more minutes but the payoff is always SO much better. I don't like to be bitten, poked, prodded (with some exception) or slapped. My clit is very sensitive and over-stimulation becomes so painful. I get to the point I want to scream and slap him! Once I've come, I don't want any more touching! I want to move on to bigger and better things.

Now I have someone who takes direction well, someone who is always more concerned about how I feel than his eventual payoff (although if he does things right he'll be handsomely rewarded). In the past there have been those who get defensive, those who don't realize not every woman is the same in bed. Sure we all have essentially the same parts, but they don't all respond to the same stimuli. It would be like assuming that someone from Morocco can understand Sudanese without a translator.

Now if you could create your own little road map, what directions would you give? A little to the left, just up that hill... now park and let the motor run would ya?


Bad Kitty said...

I'm totally one of those women who'd rather give than receive. However when I do get it, an experienced driver is a must. Don't motor-boat it, blow in it, or go crazy like your trying to lick a 10 pound popcicle on the hottest day in July.

My favorite position is actually to be standing up with one leg propped up on the bed or a table; I like to be fingered while getting my clit licked slowly. Doing this in the kitchen is great because you can finish with dessert served on the counter...perfect height!

Kinks said...

I'm with bad kitty, tis better to give than to receive. Once in a while, to float his boat, is okay, I suppose.

Mistress K said...

You women are crazy... or I am selfish... or BOTH. Giving is great, but to receive is far better in this case.