Thursday, September 25, 2008

To clean...or not too clean??

Maybe this should be a question for the boys. See I have a little problem ( it kinda follows Mistress K's last post)...I am COMPLETELY obsessed with keeping my hidden treasure clean! I mean, of course I bathe daily, sometimes twice...however, I won't let ANYBODY get close to it unless it has had a proper scrubbing. This could even be an hour after a shower and includes an abnormal amount of soap, lotion in the shrubs, and body spray all over.

After party Bad Kitty delight in the car...FORGET IT! No place to clean it. Seriously! Now I cannot honestly say where this comes from. There hasn't been anything traumatic happen that lead to someone saying it didn't smell good. I can't imagine being a guy though and going down for some warm apple pie and smelling a water treatment plant! Ewwwww.

N e e d h e l p!


Kinks said...

Have you considered going bald? Reducing said shrubbery will help you feel more confident. Aside form protection, the hairs job is to hold scent and wave it around in order to attract a mate. If you have a mate, and no longer need to wave around your girly musk. Hack that crap off and go smooth.

Bad Kitty said...

LOL. Oh yes, there lies a perfect little landing strip awaiting a boeing jet ;)

C said...

STOP USING SOAP!!! You shouldnt use soaps/lotions/sprays in that vicinity, at ALL. THAT could create a smell, to be quite frank.No soap, just water,and hands, no scrubs of poofs to help.. and let nature do its thing. Although, hair removal, as previously stated, can also help. Soaps & lotions can make bacterial infections which WILL make for a stink!!!Although, thew one thing I've always heard is" he'll be so excited just to BE there, he wont notice any smell!" I however, feel the same as you!

Mistress K said...

Let's see... I don't care. You can always carry those feminine cleansing wipes with you if you're that ::ahem:: anal? about it. I do prefer to be bald, but Mr.Man thinks it is soooo much better with a perfectly coifed little patch (not too little girly that way). So there is a tuft there for his pleasure. If he WANTS to pleasure me, I am SOOO all for it.

C is right too BK, soaps and (ewww) lotions down there? Just some talc powder if necessary on the upper thighs and you should be good to go.